Ok, so I just launched a Kickstarter for my 8 bit movie (CLICK HERE etc).

We did some crowdfunding last year and raised enough to get the movie into production. It raised 50% of what was asked and that money has been spread even further than anticipated. But the reality is that the money has run out and we need a little more to get The Hit Squad finished.

Take a look at the Kickstarter video to see exactly how far the movie has come since production started in September!

For people that backed the first time, your donations will be upgraded where applicable, if you want to donate more to take advantage of the new cool perks then please email me at chris [at] ilovethehitsquad.com and I’ll do that for you. Also ALL of the existing backers/pre-orderers will be getting loads of super-special bonus stuff as a sign of my thanks. 🙂

The Hit Squad will be made no matter what happens, but if I can hit the target on Kickstarter then it will be able to be done properly, professionally and, depending on how much we get, with famous people in it! 🙂

Thanks to everyone for your support, as always, you are awesome…

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