Waiting sucks.

I’m an impatient man at the best of times, but this year, the amount of waiting around for email responses for casting The Hit Squad has been driving me crazy. I’m used to doing things pretty independently, so when it comes to having to rely on other people to move forward, it irritates me.
So this year has been a slow burner. But its also allowed me to reflect on one or two things. The main one is looking at how I started to make The Hit Squad: I just did it.
I really miss that. Just CREATING. Making movies can be slow and painstaking, making them by yourself even more so. I have a script for a second film, ideas for a bunch more and a million things that I want to do and i feel like I need to put it all on hold while I wait for the final pieces of The Hit Squad to come together. The reality is, I don’t.
In fact, no one should.
Waiting for permission to make something is an awful awful stifling feeling. But there’s so many things we can do, as creatives, without having to wait for someone else or get permission from somebody. Podcasting, writing, movie making, games making, all these things can be done with a basic off the shelf computer or phone. I’ve been itching to create again while I play the waiting games and I’ve decided to take my own advice and to just CREATE.
First thing I’ve done is start a load of blog posts chronicling how The Hit Squad was made, what I learned, how its changed and what others can learn from it.
The second thing is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. All that I will tell you now is that is is called The Vurp, it’s the best thing in the world and it will be launching on 30th January 2016.

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