Making a Cartoon Movie 1: New Years (Low) Resolution

Happy New Year!
As its new year, new start and all that jazz, my mind keeps returning to the release of The Hit Squad movie.
You kids who have been following along know that I’ve been finalizing the cast for what seems like infinity years. A process which is time-consuming. It’s frustrating for me as much as the people following the movie. I don’t like to give excuses, I prefer to just keep soldering on at the task at hand, but the fact is that the casting IS holding back release. I’m taking control of the situation in 2016 and waiting less and taking action more.
Unfortunately, keeping my cards close to my chest leads to emails like this:

I’ve tried to look past the arseholeness and dickery and look at the underlying point of the email: people want to see something
So, lemonade from lemons, right?, I’ve myself into writing a whole load of blog posts about The Hit Squad, how its been made, what it’s about, what happening with the release and its future past that.

So: every Monday from now on, will be a post about The Hit Squad. From casting, to story, to animation, to soundtrack to world building, to distribution.

Oh and just in case people out there need some evidence that it’s a thing that exists, here’s a screenshot of the current edit of every scene in the movie:

Next week – Making A Cartoon Movie 2: development is the best part.

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