Making A Cartoon Movie 9: Rewriting Words With Friends

Continued from last week: Communication Breakdown

While I’d been going through all of the TV meetings for the movie, I had become friends with an Aussie Kiwi guy called Jordan, a fellow nerd. We clicked immediately as our sense of humour was almost identical. Asking him if he wanted to come on board and help tweak some of The Hit Squad script.

Over the next few weeks we went through the movie script, pored over details, tweaked jokes, played with characters and generally polished what we had. It was fuelled by coffee, sweets and a metric-shit-ton of McDonalds Big Macs. Something that I never realized at that time was how invaluable having another person to bounce ideas off was to the movie. If it made us both laugh, it was kept in as a joke. If we questioned it at all, we scrapped it.

Sidenote: During that time we actually sketched out an entire 3 season run of a time-travel dramedy, which, we should really revisit at some point in time.

We pepped up the script and started planning out how to make this 90 minute feature. First step: Test animations. We made a little series of animations for Machinima called “The Hit Squad’s Game Night”, nothing spectacular (or even good) but it helped cut our teeth with production. 3 episodes in and we decided to go full-on into production of the movie. It took around 10 hours work time to get a single 3 minute episode of The Hit Squad made so we estimated we could get a 90 minute movie done in 6 months. Oh, how naïve we were.

So the next step came: crowdfunding.

Next week: The Joys of Digital Begging

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