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The Vurp

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Making A Cartoon Movie 12: Oh Crap, How Do I Make A Movie?

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Continued from last week: What To Do When You Horrifically Fail At Crowdfunding Last week I spoke about how we’d failed crowdfunding, left with

Making A Cartoon Movie 11: What To Do When You Horrifically Fail Crowdfunding

by | Posted August 25, 2016 | Blog
Continued from last week: The Joys of Digital Begging So me and Jordan had been trying to raise money for  The Hit Squad Movie. Spending ridiculou

Making A Cartoon Movie 10: The Joys of Digital Begging

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Continued from last week: Rewriting Words With Friends So me and Jordan Fuller had rewritten The Hit Squad into a neat little feature length movie. We

Announcement: Finally! The Hit Squad Release Date!

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Hey! Remember I’ve been making an 8 bit comedy feature film for infinity million years? Yep, well, it’s being released on 23/01/17. Want

Making A Cartoon Movie 9: Rewriting Words With Friends

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Continued from last week: Communication Breakdown While I’d been going through all of the TV meetings for the movie, I had become friends with a

Making A Cartoon Movie 8: Communication Break Down

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Continued from last week: From Cartoon To Live-Action So, the big TV company had suggested a live-action version of The Hit Squad and thrown names aro

Making A Cartoon Movie 7: From Cartoon To Live Action

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Continued from last weeks blog: A List Talent On A £5k Budget The TV company that had asked to have a meeting about The Hit Squad was huge. I’

Making A Cartoon Movie 6: A-list talent on a £5k budget

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I’d budgeted up The Hit Squad movie as frugally as possible. I’d draw it, animate it, script it, voice the main characters, make the music

The Hit Squad

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