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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Making A Cartoon Movie 12: Oh Crap, How Do I Make A Movie?

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Continued from last week: What To Do When You Horrifically Fail At Crowdfunding Last week I spoke about how we’d failed crowdfunding, left with 4 months and $10k to make a full-length animated movie with zero experience. All my sprightly youthful optimism didn’t help with the shaky newbie foundations: Childlike Optimism/Naivety It’s not that I didn’t have […]

Making A Cartoon Movie 11: What To Do When You Horrifically Fail Crowdfunding

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Continued from last week: The Joys of Digital Begging So me and Jordan had been trying to raise money for  The Hit Squad Movie. Spending ridiculous amounts of time online and making new friends, we managed to raise over $10,000 towards the movie. This was 41% of our target goal, not great. So, what next? If it was Kickstarter, we […]

Making A Cartoon Movie 10: The Joys of Digital Begging

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Continued from last week: Rewriting Words With Friends So me and Jordan Fuller had rewritten The Hit Squad into a neat little feature length movie. We’d planned how to produce it, working out a budget for the movie. Next step: Crowdfunding. Now, for those who don’t know, crowdfunding is asking lots of people for small […]

Announcement: Finally! The Hit Squad Release Date!

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Hey! Remember I’ve been making an 8 bit comedy feature film for infinity million years? Yep, well, it’s being released on 23/01/17. Want to pre-order? Head to the website! Not enough? Here’s a new teaser trailer for it: Still not enough? Here’s a new teaser poster: From this point on, as well as the semi-regular updates of […]

Making A Cartoon Movie 9: Rewriting Words With Friends

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Continued from last week: Communication Breakdown While I’d been going through all of the TV meetings for the movie, I had become friends with an Aussie Kiwi guy called Jordan, a fellow nerd. We clicked immediately as our sense of humour was almost identical. Asking him if he wanted to come on board and help […]

Making A Cartoon Movie 8: Communication Break Down

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Continued from last week: From Cartoon To Live-Action So, the big TV company had suggested a live-action version of The Hit Squad and thrown names around that I could only dream of. This was it: the big time. My colleague kept in regular contact with me about the discussions she had with the company and […]

Making A Cartoon Movie 7: From Cartoon To Live Action

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Continued from last weeks blog: A List Talent On A £5k Budget The TV company that had asked to have a meeting about The Hit Squad was huge. I’d grown up watching it, it was part of my childhood, so the idea that they wanted a meeting with me was just unbelievable. With the knowledge under […]

Making A Cartoon Movie 6: A-list talent on a £5k budget

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I’d budgeted up The Hit Squad movie as frugally as possible. I’d draw it, animate it, script it, voice the main characters, make the music, employing minimal people to help polish off the sharp edges. I was willing to put in 90 hours per week to do it because it was my passion project, I’d […]